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We have a huge range of rackets in stock in Fitzwilliam lawn tennis club. We match the cheapest price online and you can drop by or call us to get expert advice on any racket sports matter. call us at 016606923 for multiple racket deals.
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€199.00 €94.00
A straight beam, head-heavy widebody, this ultra-light (8.9oz.) titanium model has been immensely popular since it's introduction.
SKU: Blite
€220.00 €179.00
Perfect racket for power and spin for those younger players transitioning from junior rackets to senior.
SKU: Baaertm
€230.00 €179.00
Medium weight version in the Pure Aero range.

Great racket for those players looking for a more solid feel without going into 300 grams.

SKU: bst305
€249.00 €215.00
The 305g and the 32cm balance offer extra stability in order to allow you to feel and control the ball more.
SKU: kk280
€105.00 €80.00
The Karakal Black Zone 280 Tennis Racket encourages fast strokes for spin and power.
SKU: kk260
€105.00 €80.00
The Karakal Black Zone 260 is a 100% Fast Fibre Nano Graphite Gel Tennis Racket.
SKU: heainste19
€149.00 €129.00
The Head Graphene 360 Instinct Team tennis racquet is one of the lightest rackets of the range.
SKU: hltt368
€239.00 €209.00
This new Speed MP Graphene 360 is endorsed on-court by Alexander Zverev.
SKU: hlttlie18L
€210.00 €175.00
This is the lightest racket in the new Djokovic Speed range - aimed at advanced juniors moving on to full-size frames.
SKU: mx5
The best combination of power and control in tennis with this new magnesium technology.
SKU: hinsmp
€189.00 €159.00
Sure to be one of if not the biggest selling racket this year with its new paint job and less vibration .
SKU: h360es
€169.00 €145.00
The Instinct S features the same specifications as the MP but in a lighter package, making it ideal for players who don't want to compromise on performance
SKU: hlttpro189
€249.00 €209.00
Recommended by Novak Djokovic, HEAD have re-engineered Graphene and now have introduced 360 technology to make the head even stronger.
SKU: hlt18
€209.00 €185.00
The second rung on the Head Speed 'ladder' - a logical progression from the Lite. Aimed at intermediate competitive players and advanced juniors who are ready to move up in weight from their first full-size frame.
SKU: hlttlie18
€210.00 €189.00
This is the lightest racket in the new Djokovic Speed range - aimed at advanced juniors moving on to full-size frames.
SKU: mx3
The best combination of power and control in tennis with this new magnesium technology. 295 gram for more power.
SKU: Bab18
€220.00 €179.00
One of the most popular and versatile tennis rackets on the market today suitable for a wide range of players.
SKU: Bpteam
€149.00 €119.00
The Babolat Aero G Tennis Racket is made from 100% graphite which is the perfect choice for Intermediate players.
SKU: RF97315
€279.00 €229.00
The new Pro Staff 97 315 gram. This is a lighter version than the racket Federer uses - still a solid feel but much easier to swing.
SKU: wicl10t
€259.00 €229.00
Get your Wilson Clash 100 Tour now and desimate your opponent!
SKU: Ba107
€200.00 €179.00
Larger headed version in the pure drive family. designed for the player looking for a bigger sweetspot and a good combination of power and control.
SKU: wwb105
€80.00 €65.00
Mid weight intermediate players frame which is nicely balanced to make it easy to swing
SKU: pdplb
€250.00 €199.00
This new aerodynamic frame enables the racket head to move more quickly and the French open color is eyecatching
SKU: clsh2100
€249.00 €215.00
SKU: Baz18
€189.00 €159.00
Light weight and still a nice amount of power. Great for advanced younger players or players looking for a racket that is light and stable.
SKU: w98s
€249.00 €215.00
The Wilson Blade 98S is the slightly lighter version of the Blade - with the SPIN string pattern.
SKU: wilsw17
€249.00 €215.00
Serena Williams racket of choice which has won her Australian open singles title 2017.
SKU: wilsv718
€249.00 €215.00
The Wilson Blade 98 18x20 V7.0 racket is ideal for players wanting dominate with precision from the back of the court
SKU: Wkba16,19
€249.00 €215.00
The Wilson Blade 98 16x19 V7.0 racket is ideal for players wanting to have precise shots with topspin
SKU: Wkbad104
€219.00 €189.00
Players looking for excellent forgiveness from their racket prefer the Wilson Blade 104 V7.0.
SKU: Hextrs
€179.00 €159.00
The extreme gives the top level of spin and power, the S model weighs 280 grams making it easier to manoeuvre
SKU: bl101
€129.00 €119.00
This racket is perfect for a tournament standard player moving from junior frame to an adult frame. The control and feel achieved with this frame is second to none.
SKU: Ma300
€169.00 €120.00
New paint-job on the extremely popular Mantis 300 - our best-selling racket for the past few years.
SKU: Hin360l
€159.00 €135.00
Lovely light weight frame which usually suits junior players moving into the adult frame.
SKU: Heipwr
€189.00 €169.00
This racket is lighter than air and a perfect racket for the player with a short or slow swing. Head speed is easy to find and also the power that comes with it.
SKU: wit,20
€80.00 €65.00
Good fusion of graphite and aluminium for starting tennis.
SKU: rad360
€240.00 €199.00
Head Graphene 360 Radical MP Tennis Racket NEW for 2019 (295g) - The most versatile racket of the series also features a dynamic 16/19 string pattern for enhanced playability and spin
SKU: baaer19
€260.00 €189.00
Babolat Pure Aero is back to provide you with the perfect racket for power and spin.
SKU: rad360
€240.00 €209.00
Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro Tennis Racket NEW for 2019 (310g)
SKU: Hchmp
€99.00 €85.00
A Fantastic racket for the player looking for quality at a reasonable price.
SKU: Hextrmp
€189.00 €169.00
The Extreme racket series seamlessly combines extreme spin and power into a rock solid feel.
SKU: Hextro
€189.00 €169.00
The Pro model is the heaviest in the Extreme range, with specification designed for tournament level players.
SKU: bapflo!
€199.00 €169.00
Built for the player looking for power from a lightweight frame .
€249.00 €189.00
The RADICAL S comes with a larger head and reduced weight compared to the rest of the series
SKU: Hextrlt
€159.00 €135.00
The lightest model in the Extreme range - aimed at good juniors moving on to their first full-size racket.
SKU: he19litw
€119.00 €95.00
The Head Challenge Lite is very maneuvrable, responsive and fast, Perfect for the younger player moving from junior rackets into senior.
SKU: headgrat
€240.00 €199.00
With a 100 sq inch head, and benefiting from the Gravity ranges tear-drop head shape, the Gravity Tour boasts a larger sweet-spot
SKU: Headgrtea19
€149.00 €129.00
The HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme Team is a powerful racket for any younger players or beginners
SKU: Ma3310III
€180.00 €129.00
The MANTIS Pro Series rackets have been specifically developed for intermediate/advanced players who are looking for the perfect balance of power and control.
SKU: Hmpl36
€179.00 €149.00
The Instinct MP Lite is perfect for young, competitive players looking for effortless power and stability from a light-weight frame