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SKU: wiham120
Light weight wilson squash racket with power holes. One of the best selling squash rackets ever.
SKU: w500
€30.00 €25.00
Aluminium alloy squash racket which is perfect for beginners and clubs who hire rackets.
SKU: w900
€35.00 €29.00
Aluminium alloy squash racket designed for beginners with a shock sleeve for more comfortable play.
SKU: manppo110
Very popular racket with a wide range of players.
SKU: manp115
€149.00 €95.00
Our best-selling racket for the past two years - now with a fresh new paint-job. Actual weight is 145 gram - great stability and fee
SKU: Dlbstrm
€89.00 €65.00
Entry level price for a premium graphite frame.
SKU: ash115
€130.00 €99.00
The NEW Ashaway Powerkill ZX 115 is lightweight and powerfull
SKU: ash30
€130.00 €99.00
The NEW Ashaway Powerkill ZX 130 is lightweight and powerful but has more stability than the 115
SKU: wilrip
€30.00 €26.00
lightweight junior squash racket good for 6-8 years old
SKU: wilrip
€20.00 €18.00
lightweight junior squash racket good for 6-8 years old
SKU: cv
€149.00 €125.00
Large sweetspot with head heavy balance and good control.
SKU: cvul
€149.00 €115.00
Ultra lightweight and ultra manueverable, the Ultra UL is perfect for squash players seeking an arm-friendly racket capable of generating massive power
SKU: cv2l
€119.00 €99.00
large sweetspot with head heavy balance good power
SKU: cvps
€149.00 €115.00
large sweetspot with head heavy balance and good control.
SKU: cvpvv
€149.00 €129.00
this is a racket that embodies sustainable performance of power and comfort.
SKU: blseby
€179.00 €109.00
A Fantastic combination of power and control.
SKU: mdultte
€189.00 €125.00
This racket comes with Biofibre construction technology which dramatically reduces vibrations allowing you to feel the ball thus giving a more comfortable feel.
SKU: unaswaero
€119.00 €79.00
Fantastic racket for the player looking for a combination of power and effortless control at a great price.
SKU: wiw
€125.00 €109.00
Integrating Countervail technology into these frames maximize player energy, reduce muscle fatigue, and shortens player recovery time.
SKU: dlrevjnr
€69.00 €55.00
Full graphite junior squash racket - suitable for ages 8-11.
SKU: kastg
€120.00 €95.00
A slightly heavier version of the new “F” Frame, the Karakal F-135ff has the same features as the F-125ff with a Looped Power Throat for longer strings and an increased sweet spot.
SKU: 125ff
€150.00 €119.00
The Karakal F-125ff is a new addition to the range for the 2017-18 season.
SKU: kkcsx 60
€29.00 €25.00
Perfect for younger participants, the Karakal CSX is a junior length squash racket.
SKU: scksn
€29.00 €25.00
If your new to Squash, the Karakal CSX Tour is perfect for you. It's our most cost effective racket; but still has the quality you demand from Karakal
SKU: kepyws
€149.00 €139.00
The Tec S Pro Elite is a tour player spec. racket is currently being used and tested by top players on the squash tour. . One of the nicest players frames we have play tested this year and with its larger sweetspot its going to be a hit
SKU: head135cy
€180.00 €149.00
The latest version of the popular Xenon 135 - as used by Karim Darwish up to his recent retirement from competition.
SKU: karxlt120
€149.00 €119.00
Plenty of power from this 125 gram HM graphite racket due to the 4 Nano Graphite nodes that stiffen and strengthen the frame to the new inverted muscle system in the throat to reduce torque these rackets are sure to be a big hit!
SKU: katr190
€149.00 €119.00
To keep the weight Karakal SN-90ff squash racket down the design is kept very simple, with minimal decals and no paintwork.
SKU: manp130
€149.00 €89.00
Lightweight , great power and big sweet spot.
SKU: 130 ff
€110.00 €95.00
The Karakal T-130ff has been updated for this season with our New Hot Zone 120 String in blue, translucent blue grommets set and blue grip.
SKU: mdubelte
€159.00 €129.00
As used by Greg Gaultier and Diego Elias.
SKU: kepyw
€149.00 €139.00
The Tec Pro Elite is a tour player spec. racket. It is currently being used and tested by top players on the squash tour.
SKU: dl135
€159.00 €129.00
power is no problem for this 128 gram racket