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SKU: kk24
€19.00 €16.00
Karakal Junior Aluminium Badminton Racket.
SKU: ktlt7
€35.00 €27.00
90 Grams Frame Weight mixture of graphite and aluminium.
SKU: ktlt33
€12.00 €10.00
Starter racket.
SKU: ash500
€75.00 €55.00
The new Ashaway Vex Striker 500 SuperLight is the lightest racket in the range
SKU: Kbn70
€135.00 €95.00
The M 70 (2016 colours) is a very responsive frame, and feels better than ever with the addition of Fast Fibre Graphite so it returns 10% quicker after a shuttle strike
SKU: vicplst
€40.00 €29.00
VICTOR NET A PROFESSIONAL Size: 6,02 m x 0,76 m
SKU: 5000
€169.00 €99.00
Developed with the Phantom Airflow System, the racket frame is thinner at the top so it is able to glide through the air with maximum speed.
SKU: 57600
€140.00 €79.00
The Wilson Blaze S3700 is a super head heavy balanced badminton racket made specifically for players seeking a blend of whipping power and high speed.
SKU: 57600
€89.00 €59.00
The Blaze S1700 racket is designed for the fast and precise players.
SKU: c6wlo
€55.00 €39.00
Great for fast, aggressive and attacking players, the Wilson Recon 350 badminton racket has a full graphite construction for added strength
SKU: 57600
€160.00 €99.00
Designed for players looking for a lightweight feel for quick reactions
SKU: as58
€149.00 €119.00
The lightest racket ever produced by Ashaway, the new Ultralite tips the scales at just 58g!
SKU: wi
€150.00 €89.00
a great all-round racket which has vibration dampening qualities
SKU: as10
€129.00 €99.00
This slim profile and hexagonal shape increases aerodynamics dramatically.
SKU: acar
€100.00 €55.00
Stiff shaft and head heavy racket for the stronger player looking for extra power .
SKU: as16
€139.00 €109.00
The X-Treme Tension Frame makes the Ashaway Viper rackets capable of taking higher string tensions than the market standard
SKU: ashpwr
€189.00 €165.00
incredibly low swing weight and so it feels like your swinging nothing.
SKU: ashpwr2
€179.00 €129.00
The racket frame is thinner at the top so it is able to glide through the air with maximum speed . Ideal for the more powerful player
SKU: nanox1
€199.00 €175.00
The new Qubatech profile corrects racket head orientation during swing, for a clean/crisp impact
SKU: ashpy2
€169.00 €129.00
Used by Ashaway's top players this racket now has an increase in head strength so that it can take even more tension. Upgraded with Zymax Fire 69 string also
€249.00 €179.00
A new Speed racket engineered with the advanced Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS), JS-12 comes with stiff frame and resilient shaft, offering easy controllability for net shots and massive force for sweeping movement, most suitable for fast players.
SKU: vS10
€239.00 €155.00
The Jetspeed S 10 offers great all-round playability combining exceptional speed, power and control
SKU: train
€20.00 €16.00
designed for players between 6 and 9 years of age
SKU: victr12
€189.00 €129.00
Used by Korean Men's Doubles player Yeon Yoo Seong, this is the perfect racket for doubles players of all standards as it is a bit more flexible than the LYD. Also used by Korean Women's Singles player Sung Ji Hyun.
SKU: dunswl
€120.00 €89.00
Lightweight frame with good stability and power
SKU: 4vic
€89.00 €45.00
great full graphite frame which is suitable for beginner to intermediete
SKU: v3k12
€149.00 €99.00
The head heavy TK-12 is perfectly made for offensive games. The Power Box System reduces torsion, which creates powerful, more accurate offensive shots.
SKU: 630hd
€149.00 €99.00
Due to the even balanced racket and medium stiff shaft, every shot is possible. The perfect racket for offensive and defensive games.
SKU: dunstr
€140.00 €99.00
excellent power frame with good stability for off centre hits
SKU: dunstrp
€140.00 €99.00
excellent power frame with good stability for off centre hits and excellent net play
SKU: v7500
€169.00 €115.00
Control the power! The head heavy Light Fighter racket features an aerodynamic frame enabling players to dominate games with powerful smashes
€10.00 €8.50
Steel and aluminium racket with classical head shape.Based on established and proven school sports rackets of VICTOR. With durable lawntex string.
SKU: 7000
€119.00 €89.00
This racket has a Light Frame for enhanced controllability Control is everything. An even balance provides fast racket head speed for great defence and drives whilst maintaining great touch and control.
SKU: JTon8
€179.00 €129.00
Lightweight racket with excellent handling for precise game play.
SKU: 580
€139.00 €89.00
fantastic racket for the all round player.
SKU: vic900
€259.00 €189.00
VICTOR HYPERNANO X 990 equipped with NANO FORTIFY TR to build a resilient yet sturdy frame. Not only has the anti-torsion performance been improved, the attack and defense strength has also been further advanced, making THE 990 A truly an ideal racket for
SKU: llnn5011
A very offensive top end responsive racket that will make winning easier.

As used by Fu and his regular partner Cai Yun who have been one of the world's leading men's doubles partnerships since 2004, winning numerous top tier events.