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SKU: kk24
€19.00 €16.00
Karakal Junior Aluminium Badminton Racket.
SKU: ktlt7
€35.00 €27.00
90 Grams Frame Weight mixture of graphite and aluminium.
SKU: yvtfb
€229.00 €195.00
Good for smashing as the lightweight but head heavy design creates good head speed .
SKU: ktlt33
€12.00 €10.00
Starter racket.
SKU: ktlt4
€23.00 €18.00
Starter racket Alloy Head and Tee Piece.
SKU: dzstrike
€265.00 €199.00
Head heavy stiff shafted racket. Plenty of power for the advanced player .
SKU: tr1
€85.00 €75.00
quality model which is perfect for beginners and value seekers.
SKU: yvt1
€99.00 €79.00
Entry level Yonex which is easy to manoeuvre .
SKU: yone55
€189.00 €175.00
VOLTRIC's exclusive TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.
SKU: Kbn60
€125.00 €95.00
The latest version of the lightest badminton racket in the world.
SKU: Kbn70
€135.00 €95.00
The M 70 (2016 colours) is a very responsive frame, and feels better than ever with the addition of Fast Fibre Graphite so it returns 10% quicker after a shuttle strike
SKU: Kb88
€139.00 €109.00
The Karakal Pro 88-290 Badminton Racket is slightly heavier frame to give maximum power.
SKU: Kb84
€139.00 €109.00
The Karakal Pro 84-290 Badminton Racket has an 84gram frame weight and 290mm balance.
SKU: 57600
€130.00 €89.00
Designed for players looking for a lightweight feel for quick reactions
SKU: wilfrc
€170.00 €115.00
Designed for power and comfort .Head heavy frame with a medium to stiff shaft
SKU: vglay
€299.00 €265.00
nfused with the new REXIL FIBER material and built based on the Torque Power Theory, the GlanZ sends the shuttlecock even further.
SKU: c6wlo
€99.00 €75.00
Super Kick Shaft technology for extra power. This evenly balanced racket with an oval head shape has a low torque graphite shaft for added stability
SKU: yd77
€150.00 €135.00
New yonex racket with the e tune grommet system. Head heavy frame
SKU: d01yx
€225.00 €185.00
This cutting edge racket, featuring Dynamic Dual Design, allows players to master every shot and control the court with two contrasting racket profiles in one unique frame design.
SKU: MaGr90
€85.00 €59.00
Full graphite racket with a solid feel. Excellent value for this full graphite frame.
SKU: Arcvol
€250.00 €195.00
New yonex racket with more power and sweeter sound.
SKU: ashpy2
€169.00 €139.00
Used by Ashaway's top players this racket now has an increase in head strength so that it can take even more tension. Upgraded with Zymax Fire 69 string also
SKU: ashpwr
€179.00 €109.00
Developed with the new Phantom Airflow System, the racket frame is thinner at the top so it is able to glide through the air with maximum speed.
SKU: ashpwr2
€179.00 €149.00
The racket frame is thinner at the top so it is able to glide through the air with maximum speed . Ideal for the more powerful player
SKU: babre
€199.00 €150.00
Irish number one Scott Evans' racket of choice.
for the 2015 season
SKU: ashpy
€169.00 €99.00
Developed with the new Phantom Airflow System, the racket frame is thinner at the top so it is able to glide through the air with maximum speed.
SKU: acar
€160.00 €85.00
Stiff shaft and head heavy racket for the stronger player looking for extra power .
SKU: 700rp
€225.00 €199.00
€249.00 €179.00
A new Speed racket engineered with the advanced Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS), JS-12 comes with stiff frame and resilient shaft, offering easy controllability for net shots and massive force for sweeping movement, most suitable for fast players.
SKU: 8100
€75.00 €55.00
The Carlton Powerblade 8100 Badminton Racket, is head heavy making it ideal for players who are looking for power .
SKU: vS10
€239.00 €155.00
The Jetspeed S 10 offers great all-round playability combining exceptional speed, power and control
SKU: bonitro
€89.00 €69.00
Medium Flexible shaft optimises your sweet spot and make's this a very forgiving racket. slightly head heavy design gives power and stability.
SKU: 7300
€148.00 €89.00
Light Frame, Aerodynamic Shaped Light Fighter 7300 Badminton Racket.
SKU: vol7n
€99.00 €89.00
The Power Boost cap provides added shaft flex, giving you more power on every shot.
SKU: victr12
€189.00 €129.00
Used by Korean Men's Doubles player Yeon Yoo Seong, this is the perfect racket for doubles players of all standards as it is a bit more flexible than the LYD. Also used by Korean Women's Singles player Sung Ji Hyun.
SKU: v7500
€169.00 €115.00
Control the power! The head heavy Light Fighter racket features an aerodynamic frame enabling players to dominate games with powerful smashes
SKU: 7000
€119.00 €89.00
This racket has a Light Frame for enhanced controllability Control is everything. An even balance provides fast racket head speed for great defence and drives whilst maintaining great touch and control.
SKU: 6500
€129.00 €99.00
This head light balanced racket provides outstanding racket head speed and enhanced maneuverability
SKU: carped
€169.00 €115.00
The Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racket is designed for players who like to play flat with power from the mid court. The 'Rapid' has a stiff shaft as opposed to the extra-stiff in the 'Ultra' version - making shuttle control easier.
SKU: cartor
€119.00 €69.00
Stiff shaft and head heavy balance for players looking for power at a fantastic price.
SKU: X20
€149.00 €110.00
Victor HyperNano X 20H Badminton Racket is a fantastic all-round racket at a great price
SKU: X30
€129.00 €109.00
Victor HyperNano X 30 Badminton Racket is a smooth racket that benefits from an aerodynamic frame and flexible shaft, making it perfect for a fast and dynamic playing style
SKU: balit
€99.00 €85.00
light weight head makes for good defence and medium flex still provides a fair amount of power.
SKU: JTon8
€179.00 €139.00
Lightweight racket with excellent handling for precise game play.
SKU: csliet
€130.00 €99.00
super light graphite racket with some headweigh for extra power
SKU: v330
€149.00 €99.00
The Thruster K 30 effectively combines an offensive balance with impressive handling
SKU: 7390
€139.00 €99.00
Offering impressive power, this attacking racket of the Light Fighter Series provides outstanding feeling and handling
SKU: banpwr
€99.00 €85.00
Flexible shaft and optimised sweet spot make this a very forgiving racket.
SKU: 580
€89.00 €69.00
A perfect combination of lightweight frame and head heavy balance supports a powerful game with handling and precision.
SKU: vic900
€259.00 €189.00
VICTOR HYPERNANO X 990 equipped with NANO FORTIFY TR to build a resilient yet sturdy frame. Not only has the anti-torsion performance been improved, the attack and defense strength has also been further advanced, making THE 990 A truly an ideal racket for