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SKU: kk280
€105.00 €80.00
The Karakal Black Zone 280 Tennis Racket encourages fast strokes for spin and power.
SKU: kk260
€105.00 €80.00
The Karakal Black Zone 260 is a 100% Fast Fibre Nano Graphite Gel Tennis Racket.
SKU: Babpgt
€199.00 €129.00
Perennial favourite and core racket in the Babolat range. It’s ideal for players seeking the perfect balance between power and feel.
SKU: Bapdt15
€185.00 €119.00
A new offering in the Pure Drive range - introduced in 2015. This 285 gram racket will appeal to players with a moderate to full swing looking for increased maneuverability, forgiveness and versatility at a slightly lighter weight than the Pure Drive.
SKU: kkbp20
€35.00 €25.00
At last a backpack to complete the range.
SKU: hypble
€149.00 €129.00
New shoe from K Swiss with versatile clay court sole. This shoe gives good durability on omni courts and has a treaded pattern to allow for good grip.
SKU: manppo110
€130.00 €89.00
Very popular racket with a wide range of players.
SKU: hradcam
€8.00 €7.00
Great ball for playing or training. Super durability
€99.00 €85.00
Lightweight graphite racket. Perfect for improvers .
SKU: Braero
€99.00 €79.00
The Babolat Rival Aero Tennis Racket is ideal for intermediate player looking for power at an affordable price. Only available in grip 2 (4 1/4).
SKU: Ksbslgg
€49.00 €35.00
K Swiss junior shoe with specific sole for artificial grass courts. Great value for this lightweight grippy shoe
SKU: manr26
€99.00 €75.00
Fantastic value in this light weight FULL GRAPHITE racket designed for power and ease of use.
SKU: Babpdl15
€180.00 €115.00
Lighter by 5 grams than the 2013 version .Its new 270g weight will certainly make this model more manoeuvrable. The Pure Drive Lite lets players enjoy their game and achieve all their tennis strokes with great ease.
SKU: acar
€160.00 €85.00
Stiff shaft and head heavy racket for the stronger player looking for extra power .
SKU: rupr15
€85.00 €45.00
Unbelievable grip and support. This ladies/childrens shoe is one of the most comfortable ladies shoes on the market and certainly has the best grip .


SKU: Ksbslg
€49.00 €35.00
K Swiss junior shoe with specific sole for artificial grass courts. Great value for this lightweight grippy shoe
SKU: bl101
€149.00 €109.00
This racket is perfect for a tournament standard player moving from junior frame to an adult frame. The control and feel achieved with this frame is second to none.
SKU: cartor
€119.00 €69.00
Stiff shaft and head heavy balance for players looking for power at a fantastic price.
SKU: Baprom
€139.00 €95.00
Top of the range Omni court shoe with increased grip and durability in comparrison with the older Propulse. If its support and grip your after look no further .
SKU: nwil9
€29.00 €24.00
Lightweight woven short. This 9 inch short is the perfect length for tennis and is lightweight and breathable. our biggest selling short to date. .
SKU: wsp100
€149.00 €115.00
Nice graphite frame that suits the intermediate player looking for a little more stability .
SKU: mantour
€149.00 €85.00
Slightly head heavy racket with slightly stiffer frame than the Pro 85. This gives you more power.
SKU: scftr18pro
€160.00 €139.00
orza Pro of the Aero Vectran series offers the best of two worlds in terms of a perfect fusion of maneuverability and power.
SKU: sltftr18
€160.00 €139.00
This hot new Salming racket has loads of power and a massive sweet spot.
SKU: scftr18
€160.00 €139.00
This hot new Salming racket has a super light feel and a massive sweet spot.
SKU: hwvdco
€80.00 €69.00
Stunning new head dress which will take you to a new level.
SKU: saerfv17
€165.00 €139.00
Salming Fusione Feather of the Aero Vectran series offers a new super light weight closed throat bridge racket geometry with a head light balance
SKU: hig145
€99.00 €69.00
145g racket in the ignition series featuring Innegra technology
SKU: hwht
€149.00 €85.00
very sturdy 3 compartment racket bag.