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SKU: Trmicx.x1
€12.00 €8.90
The patented leak-proof design means Tretorn Micro X tennis balls remain playable for extremely long periods of time.
SKU: heatour1bl
€9.00 €7.00
Great ball for omni court. Good durability and visibility. Most popular ball with Pro tennis players.
SKU: babcl313
Babolat's 3 racket holder in the club range.
SKU: wiham120
Light weight wilson squash racket with power holes. One of the best selling squash rackets ever.
SKU: lbab1bl
Top of the range Babolat tennis ball - suitable for all surfaces.
€199.00 €94.00
A straight beam, head-heavy widebody, this ultra-light (8.9oz.) titanium model has been immensely popular since it's introduction.
SKU: Esbkpkbl
€35.00 €29.00
This range of bags replaces the Club-Line. It has the usual Babolat feature of a racket pocket at the back with the sleeve to cover the handle. Main pocket for bulky items. Small outer zipped pocket for small items like keys, phone etc.
SKU: wisub
€11.00 €10.00
Nice replacement grip with soft feel and tacky surface.
SKU: kriple
€9.00 €7.00
This is the new version of the popular Karakal Ripple grip.
SKU: lbpdlb
Top of the range Babolat padel ball .
SKU: maodz20
€2.50 €2.00
A fantastic ball for all surfaces with a durable felt designed for stage 2 juniors. This is now the most popular junior ball for ages 6 to 8 years of age.
SKU: CluPnpnk
€35.00 €29.00
Babolat Essential Back Pack - Pink
SKU: snblas
€7.00 €5.00
Sneaker Balls are the perfect solution for deodorizing shoes, bags, lockers or any other small compartments where unpleasant smells may occur.
SKU: magr320
€2.50 €1.90
Our biggest selling ball for ages 7 to 11 or adults learning to play.
SKU: kgel
€9.00 €7.00
This grip is padded to make a very comfortable grip which does make your grip size slightly bigger.
SKU: dupr3
€5.00 €4.00
The official ball of the World Squash Federation (WSF)
SKU: mared1220
€2.50 €2.00
A fantastic ball for all surfaces with a durable felt designed for stage 3 juniors. This is now the most popular junior ball for ages 4 to 6 years of age.
SKU: Ksoutsh
€89.00 €79.00
The most popular model in the range - excellent cushioning, support and grip.
SKU: duncomp
€5.00 €4.00
10% longer hang-time to that of the pro Squash ball.
SKU: Trtnme20
€10.00 €8.00
This is one of the most durable pressurised tournament tennis balls on the market today with a more reactive felt.
SKU: Trtnme
€10.00 €7.00
This is one of the most durable pressurised tournament tennis balls on the market today.
SKU: trech12
€22.00 €20.00
Coaching ball which excellent durability and a high bounce. A slightly heavier and harder ball than some other balls on the market.
SKU: trgr3
€6.00 €5.00
Tretorn balls for children of ages 7 to 11
SKU: kkbc
€7.00 €4.50
Karakal ball clip
SKU: maoteam20
€2.50 €2.00
Very durable training ball from Mantis. now the biggest selling training ball we have.
SKU: Blite
€220.00 €179.00
Perfect racket for power and spin for those younger players transitioning from junior rackets to senior.
SKU: kk24
€19.00 €16.00
Karakal Junior Aluminium Badminton Racket.
SKU: aerjn19
€130.00 €105.00
Latest version of the very popular junior model of the Nadal racket. One inch shorter (26") and a lighter frame, but made with the same materials and composition as the adult version.
SKU: Baaertm
€230.00 €179.00
Medium weight version in the Pure Aero range.

Great racket for those players looking for a more solid feel without going into 300 grams.

SKU: agebl7
€125.00 €99.00
The Asics Gel Blade 6 has excellent support and assistance in the fast movement needed for indoor racket sports.
SKU: bst305
€249.00 €215.00
The 305g and the 32cm balance offer extra stability in order to allow you to feel and control the ball more.
SKU: kk280
€105.00 €80.00
The Karakal Black Zone 280 Tennis Racket encourages fast strokes for spin and power.
SKU: Kapu1
KARAKAL Duo Replacement Grip The 'original' PU replacement grip Soft touch, non slip finish Superior absorbency nullifies vibration
SKU: kk260
€105.00 €80.00
The Karakal Black Zone 260 is a 100% Fast Fibre Nano Graphite Gel Tennis Racket.
SKU: heainste19
€149.00 €129.00
The Head Graphene 360 Instinct Team tennis racquet is one of the lightest rackets of the range.
SKU: Karrd
€24.00 €19.20
Designed for ages 2 to 4.
SKU: PTtelbW
€11.00 €8.00
Light weight tennis elbow strap from Precision Training.
SKU: hltt368
€239.00 €209.00
This new Speed MP Graphene 360 is endorsed on-court by Alexander Zverev.
SKU: w500
€30.00 €25.00
Aluminium alloy squash racket which is perfect for beginners and clubs who hire rackets.
SKU: hlttlie18L
€210.00 €175.00
This is the lightest racket in the new Djokovic Speed range - aimed at advanced juniors moving on to full-size frames.
SKU: kk2bt
€20.00 €15.00
The KTT 50 Table Tennis set comprises of 2 bats and 3 balls
SKU: ktlt7
€35.00 €27.00
90 Grams Frame Weight mixture of graphite and aluminium.
SKU: he226rad
€35.00 €29.00
26" junior racket with the Andy Murray colour scheme. Designed for ages 9 to 11
SKU: mx5
The best combination of power and control in tennis with this new magnesium technology.
SKU: ashpwder
€9.00 €7.00
Ashaway specially developed racket grip powder.
SKU: w900
€35.00 €29.00
Aluminium alloy squash racket designed for beginners with a shock sleeve for more comfortable play.
SKU: hinsmp
€189.00 €159.00
Sure to be one of if not the biggest selling racket this year with its new paint job and less vibration .
SKU: h360es
€169.00 €145.00
The Instinct S features the same specifications as the MP but in a lighter package, making it ideal for players who don't want to compromise on performance
SKU: ktlt33
€12.00 €10.00
Starter racket.
SKU: hlttpro189
€249.00 €209.00
Recommended by Novak Djokovic, HEAD have re-engineered Graphene and now have introduced 360 technology to make the head even stronger.