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SKU: yonas30
€35.00 €25.00
The most popular model in the Yonex feather range. Good balance between durability and consistent flight characteristics.
SKU: yonas20
€30.00 €24.00
Goose feather shuttle with 100% cork base.
SKU: ash1
Ashaway Universal Soft Grips. Great tacky badminton squash grip.
SKU: Trmicx.x1
€10.00 €8.50
The patented leak-proof design means Tretorn Micro X tennis balls remain playable for extremely long periods of time.
SKU: heaatp1bl
€9.00 €7.00
Great ball for omni court. Good durability and visibility. Most popular ball with Pro tennis players.
SKU: wiham120
Light weight wilson squash racket with power holes. One of the best selling squash rackets ever.
SKU: babcl313
Babolat's 3 racket holder in the club range.
SKU: wisub
€11.00 €9.00
Nice replacement grip with soft feel and tacky surface.
SKU: hatb
€15.00 €12.00
Velcro adjustable tennis cap with Babolat flag logo.
SKU: lbab1bl
Top of the range Babolat tennis ball - suitable for all surfaces.
SKU: kriple
€9.00 €7.00
This is the new version of the popular Karakal Ripple grip.
SKU: dunrevpro
The most popular ball - also referred to as the 'Double Dot'. Used in tournaments and leagues world-wide.
€199.00 €94.00
A straight beam, head-heavy widebody, this ultra-light (8.9oz.) titanium model has been immensely popular since it's introduction.
SKU: babcl313pnk
Babolat's 3 racket holder in the club range.
SKU: babcred3
Babolat's 3 racket holder in the club range.
SKU: snblas
€7.00 €5.00
Sneaker Balls are the perfect solution for deodorizing shoes, bags, lockers or any other small compartments where unpleasant smells may occur.
SKU: magr12tem
€18.00 €15.00
excellent durability from the mantis brand .
SKU: dunlfor1bl
Perennial favourite - suitable for all playing surfaces.
SKU: yon34m
€65.00 €55.00
Nice lightweight shoe from Yonex.
SKU: magr12
€24.00 €17.50
our biggest selling ball for ages 8 to 12 or adults learning to play.
SKU: man4bl1dz
€28.00 €21.00
A fantastic ball for all surfaces with a durable felt.
SKU: CluPnkBpk
€35.00 €29.00
Babolat Club Line Back Pack.
SKU: kgel
€9.00 €7.00
This grip is padded to make a very comfortable grip which does make your grip size slightly bigger.
SKU: maodz
€24.00 €17.50
A fantastic ball for all surfaces with a durable felt designed for stage 2 juniors. This is now the most popular junior ball for ages 6 to 8 years of age.
SKU: 02 yen
€125.00 €99.00
These supportive shoes allow players to up their game with faster movement
SKU: trech12
€22.00 €20.00
Coaching ball which excellent durability and a high bounce. A slightly heavier and harder ball than some other balls on the market.
SKU: Ksoutsh
€89.00 €79.00
The most popular model in the range - excellent cushioning, support and grip.
SKU: bskt35
€45.00 €39.00
Lightweight plastic construction for ease of use.Carries 36 balls. Easy ball pick-up.
SKU: y65
€95.00 €80.00
Gentle on feet and joints with good grip
SKU: Bli15
€220.00 €169.00
Lightest model in the Pure Aero range - 10 grams heavier than the racket it replaces.
SKU: bsvs
€255.00 €210.00
The Pure Aero VS weighs 295g with a 98sq head. The racket is ideal for players with a medium to long swing .Great spin for players and provides great responisveness and strong stability for players who prefer a mid weight racket
SKU: Batm15
€230.00 €189.00
Medium weight version in the Pure Aero range.

Great racket for those players looking for a more solid feel without going into 300 grams.

SKU: Baaerlite13
€209.00 €129.00
The lightest AeroPro in Babolat's range - NOW REDUCED!
SKU: maoteam
€110.00 €90.00
Very durable training ball from Mantis. now the biggest selling training ball we have.
SKU: mantem6
€9.00 €7.50
Excellent durability from the Mantis brand - our most popular training/coach ball. .
SKU: duncomp
10% longer hang-time to that of the pro Squash ball.
SKU: babble
€69.00 €49.00
perfect racket for younger players looking for first graphite composite racket at a reasonable price.
SKU: ydr98!
€249.00 €195.00
Nick Kyrgios and Ana Ivanovic's racket for Dynamic Power. Great stability and power from all parts of the court. This is a racket for the more acomplished player.
SKU: Bperro
€250.00 €194.00
Rafael Nadal's racket upgraded! Here is the latest version of Babolat's flagship AeroPro Drive, renamed Pure Aero. Apart from the name, this version features improvements to the aerodynamic shape and grommet system.
SKU: wife97uks
€229.00 €179.00
Solid young players frame which provides plenty of power and is easy to get head speed because of its lightweight feel. Designed by Roger Federer
SKU: hinsmp
€199.00 €169.00
Sure to be one of if not the biggest selling racket this year with its new paint job and less vibration .
SKU: dr3
€179.00 €139.00
The Dunlop R3 Revolution NT has the right combination of control and comfort.
SKU: hlt10017!
€215.00 €179.00
2017 brings the new Strike 100 with its 300g weight and 16/19 string pattern . The new and redesigned Pure Strike 100, endorsed by ATP top 10 player Dominic Thiem
SKU: hltts17!
€225.00 €189.00
2017 brings the new 305g, 16/19 model. The new and redesigned Pure Strike, endorsed by ATP top 10 player Dominic Thiem
SKU: Yebyo
€160.00 €139.00
Yonex's lightest badminton shoe has great flexibility so ease of movement is guarenteed
SKU: hlttpro17
€249.00 €209.00
Recommended by Novak Djokovic, HEAD started to re-engineer Graphene, the world's strongest yet lightest material, and added a unique shock-absorbing material to the frame construction. The result is less shock thanks to faster vibration reduction after ba
SKU: hltts17
€209.00 €189.00
The second rung on the Head Speed 'ladder' - a logical progression from the Lite. Aimed at intermediate competitive players and advanced juniors who are ready to move up in weight from their first full-size frame.
SKU: dr4
€149.00 €129.00
The Dunlop R4 Revolution NT has Fantastic playing properties and extra comfort
SKU: hlttlie17
€200.00 €179.00
This is the lightest racket in the new Djokovic Speed range - aimed at advanced juniors moving on to full-size frames.
SKU: mx3
The best combination of power and control in tennis with this new magnesium technology. 295 gram for more power.