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We have a huge range of rackets in stock in Fitzwilliam lawn tennis club. We match the cheapest price online and you can drop by or call us to get expert advice on any racket sports matter. call us at 016606923 for multiple racket deals.
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SKU: blso
€199.00 €179.00
Limited Edition Burn 100LS with reverse colour scheme.
SKU: bucvoro
€229.00 €199.00
Players like Kei Nishikori and Simona Halep will play with this new Burn series.
SKU: dunsr398
€249.00 €189.00
This racket perfect for control and has great feel in a maneuverable package.
SKU: du3tsr3
€239.00 €179.00
The CV 3.0 is crafted for ultimate power and spin, and is a delight to play with.
SKU: wuk10cv
€220.00 €195.00
The Ultra 100 Countervail is the most versatile racket in the ultra range. plenty of power and stability.
SKU: wilul105
€209.00 €179.00
With fantastic stability and a abundance of power this racket packs a great punch.
SKU: Wkbad104
€199.00 €179.00
Larger head with slits in the side of the frame to give a larger sweetspot . More user friendly model than the blade 98.
SKU: Wkba98l
€189.00 €175.00
285 gram model which is perfect for a long swing who is looking for manoeuvrability and control
SKU: vkls300
€229.00 €185.00
Suitable for aggressive players looking for a comfortable feel, stability and great power
SKU: Wkbadul
€179.00 €165.00
Lightest in the Blade range. great control and easy to swing
SKU: bucvor
€229.00 €199.00
Players like Kei Nishikori and Simona Halep will play with this new Burn series.
SKU: Wkbade18x20
€230.00 €195.00
Serious players' racket. With this closed string pattern you get more feel and better durability than the 16x19 string pattern
SKU: bucvors
€229.00 €199.00
Players like Kei Nishikori and Simona Halep will play with this new Burn series. This version has a wider string pattern for more spin.
SKU: W97tr
€229.00 €199.00
97 sq inch head for accomplished players looking for the ultimate in controll
SKU: Babpdl15
€180.00 €115.00
Lighter by 5 grams than the 2013 version .Its new 270g weight will certainly make this model more manoeuvrable. The Pure Drive Lite lets players enjoy their game and achieve all their tennis strokes with great ease.
SKU: du5.0
€199.00 €169.00
This racket is perfect for the player looking for a bigger sweet spot,more power and manoeuvrability
SKU: wwmt100
€109.00 €89.00
mid weight intermediate players frame which is nicely balanced to make it easy to swing
SKU: bl101
€149.00 €109.00
This racket is perfect for a tournament standard player moving from junior frame to an adult frame. The control and feel achieved with this frame is second to none.
SKU: Baztm
€189.00 €109.00
Light weight and still a nice amount of power. Great for advanced younger players or players looking for a racket that is light and stable.
SKU: w97s
€225.00 €195.00
Grigor Dimitrov's new racket. Grigor Dimitrov and Wilson say that this racket is geared to give players feel and control and with the extra swing-weight it hits through balls on the rise aided with extra margins thanks to Spin Effect Technology. The
SKU: Wfe105
€80.00 €65.00
This is a good racket for the occasional player
SKU: sv100
€199.00 €169.00
The new Yonex VCore SV 98 285g tennis racket gives the player a great combination of power and control their your game.
SKU: sv1003g
€229.00 €195.00
Yonex VCore SV 100 300g Tennis Racket provides the player with a rock solid feel and great spin.
SKU: nwu10l
€180.00 €159.00
The perfect racket for the player looking for a solid and light feel with plenty of power from all over the court.
SKU: yturgst
€230.00 €189.00
Stan's racket of choice!
SKU: yon98si
€239.00 €189.00
Great spin and stability with a lovely balance and is a perfect combination for young adult or fast swinging lady.
SKU: tr3
€280.00 €225.00
These rackets are the most powerful frames that Wilson produce and are available in our Fitzwilliam store.
SKU: Ma300
€169.00 €99.00
New paint-job on the extremely popular Mantis 300 - our best-selling racket for the past year.
SKU: Heimptlt
€179.00 €139.00
Lovely light weight frame which usually suits junior players moving into the adult frame.
SKU: Heimpt
€199.00 €169.00
The MP model will has been one of our best sellers for the last few years because of its fantastic balance of comfort ,power and touch.
SKU: Herchapro
€119.00 €99.00
Head challenge pro full graphite tennis racket (295 grams) The Head Challenge Pro tennis racket is a fantastic racket for the intermediate player
SKU: Heipwr
€189.00 €149.00
This racket is lighter than air and a perfect racket for the player with a short swing or slow swing. head speed is easy to find and also the power that comes with it.
SKU: bubble
€139.00 €109.00
Fantastic racket for the player looking for power and stability. Designed for a medium to long swing.
SKU: radmpa
€240.00 €189.00
This Radical Mpa model gives you the ability to change string pattern from a 16/19 to a 16/16 the latter will give you far more spin.
SKU: wsp100
€149.00 €115.00
Nice graphite frame that suits the intermediate player looking for a little more stability .
SKU: buls17
€199.00 €165.00
fantastic racket for the younger player looking for power and spin . designed for a medium to long swing.
SKU: wistr3
€129.00 €115.00
Lovely frame if you're looking for an easy racket to play with which has a heavier feel.
SKU: 100l
€159.00 €145.00
The lightest Ultra in the ultra range. the Ultra 100UL is perfect for junior players and entry level adults searching for a lightweight performance frame.
SKU: headrl18
€199.00 €169.00
The Head Graphene Touch Radical Lite offers easy playability and extraordinary maneuverability.
SKU: Hrass16
€229.00 €179.00
This is a perfect racket for players seeking a lighter frame that will have good manoeuvrability and a great blend of foregiveness, control & power.
SKU: Hextrmp
€189.00 €149.00
The EXTREME racket series seemlessly combines extreme spin and power into a rock solid feel
SKU: Hextrlite
€169.00 €129.00
The EXTREME racket series seemlessly combines extreme spin and power into a rock solid feel even in this lightweight edition.
SKU: Hexts
€159.00 €139.00
The EXTREME racket series seemlessly combines extreme spin and power into a rock solid feel even in this mid weight edition.
SKU: Hchmp
€99.00 €85.00
A Fantastic racket for the player looking for quality at a reasonable price.
€249.00 €199.00
The Graphene Touch Radical MP is a great option for the advanced player who wants a comfortable feel with power and precision.
SKU: baboost
€99.00 €89.00
Powerful and forgiving..which will suit players moving into full size and players with short swings.
SKU: hechalt
€115.00 €79.00
The Head Challenge Lite is very maneuvrable, responsive and fast,
SKU: bapflo!
€199.00 €169.00
Built for the player looking for power from a lightweight frame .
SKU: bats
€99.00 €89.00
With a Pure Aero-inspired design this is a great racket for young adults.
SKU: Hradt18
€249.00 €209.00
The new innovative technology allows the racket to have more shock absorption, giving the player great amounts of touch throughout each stoke, without compromising power and control.