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We have a huge range of rackets in stock in Fitzwilliam lawn tennis club. We match the cheapest price online and you can drop by or call us to get expert advice on any racket sports matter. call us at 016606923 for multiple racket deals.
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SKU: Hrass18
€229.00 €189.00
This is a perfect racket for players seeking a lighter frame that will have good manoeuvrability and a great blend of foregiveness, control & power.
SKU: Hspowr
€180.00 €155.00
Very light and powerful racket with huge sweet spot.
SKU: 250
€169.00 €99.00
One of the best rackets on the market for young adults playing at a good level or people looking for a lightweight racket which still has control.
SKU: vovipr
€199.00 €179.00
The NEW Volkl Super G V1 Pro delivers a impressive combination of power and balanced handling to provide a precise, forgiving feel.
SKU: Hegrrevprxt
€210.00 €179.00
Lightweight GRAPHENE XT engineering REVs up the power level per weight coupled with extraordinary maneuverability. The ASP-technology adds ultimate spin for the aggressive game of the young generation.
SKU: Ma285
€129.00 €99.00
Great stability and manouvreability from the Mantis 285 . Despite only being formed in 2009, MANTIS Sport is fast becoming an internationally recognised brand with a presence throughout the USA, Europe and Australia.
SKU: Wmfls100
€65.00 €55.00
Endorsed by french professional player Gaël Monfils, the Wilson Monfils 100 tennis racket is suitable for recreational players
SKU: vorg3
€225.00 €199.00
one of the most popular rackets for comfort. The weight, balance ,head size and vibration dampers in the racket make it a real winner with people who had a mid swing .
SKU: voor1o
€289.00 €249.00
Newest version of the top of the range racket from Volkl - maximum power and comfort!
SKU: mhpgprev
€230.00 €99.00
A more manoeuvrable players frame due to the 300 gram frame weight . designed for a person with a long swing and good timing .
SKU: Ma3015
€160.00 €119.00
Our biggest selling "tweener" racket which has plenty of power from its 315 gram weight.
SKU: vok
€199.00 €149.00
One of the best 'tweener' rackets on the market today. A combination of fantastic feel, control and stability and very elbow friendly due to a clever dampening system in the handle.
SKU: vosg8hsg
€229.00 €185.00
Heavier version of the Super G 8 which provides you with more stability and power.
SKU: Babstormt
Light version of the Pure Control (unstrung weight 295grams) - suitable for intermediate/strong players looking for control and feel.
SPECIAL OFFER grip 3 only.
SKU: Ma300x2
€198.00 €165.00
Our biggest selling "tweener" racket which has plenty of power and stability even though it feels light in the hand.
SKU: mprpro
€239.00 €209.00
If the PRESTIGE silo stands for ultimate precision, then the PRESTIGE PRO is its most aggressive ambassador.